Thursday, November 28, 2013

Anonymous said: Can anybody give me any ideas on how to make a scaly crocidile skin type of effect

Hey,  A really great way is to create your own latex prosthetic. 
Here is a video explaining how to do so.:

  • -How to make the Prosthetics
  • How to use the Prosthetics
    *** TIP PAINT YOUR PROSTHETICS WITH GREASE PAINTS (you can get them at your theatrical makeup store ben nye paint wheels are great or their individual grease paint colors are great with really nice pigmentation. it was said to use grease paint in the video but this is just stating which ones are nice to use.) AND SET THEM WITH A SETTING POWDER  (ben nye neutral set powder does wonders)

Another great way if you are on a smaller budget is to use netting and eye shadow. you can get it at your nearest fabric store. you can also use fishnet stockings and i like this method because you don’t have to pin it to your hair  and then worry about it falling out and you can just stretch it over your whole head and that way it will be uniform on your whole face. if you are taking the makeup down your neck as well and you cant stretch the fishnets down that far, then you might want to get some netting to pin around your neck. but the smaller the holes in the fishnet the better also play it up with eyeshadow textures. bor the base color go darker and matte and then put the fishnets on and dab on  an iridescent/shimmery eyeshadow to give the look depth and some dimension. Here are some videos explaining how to achieve this look: 

You can also use house hold or craft items like sequins as shown here:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Anonymous said: So, do people find it unacceptable to cosplay as someone older than you? I'm a teenager, and the character in question (Chell) might not be the best choice. If not, I could always find another character.

nonono, Cosplay whoever the heck you want, people cosplay elderly characters and characters with wrinkles and these people are young too. cosplay who you want and have fun. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Anonymous said: i want to cosplay Yoshika from strike witches but im uncomfortable wearing a c:

I’d recomend getting dance tights! They are thick, nude colored tights that are super durable and cover everything but give the illusion that you are bare legged!

xanthestar-customs said: I'm going to be cosplaying as a female Quailman for an upcmong convention. I ordered a sweater-vest, but I need to now get a large "Q" on the front of it. I want to make this look professional as is possible, but I don't have very good sewing skills. What methods would be good for adding a letter on to the front of a superhero costume without looking cheap?

Iron ons would probably be your best bet!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anonymous said: okay, so i'm pretty new to cosplaying but i've been told i make a very good john egbert cosplay(homestuck). however, wigs are a bit expensive for me at the moment. i have nearly the perfect haircut for john(though its dark brown instead of black, but dark brown is also seen as canon), and with the correct styling it can look very good and convincing. i'm willing to get it professionally styled to his specific look. in this case, is it okay for me to use my real hair while still not looking bad?

look, ultimately it’s going to always be your decision what you want to do with your hair. i used my own hair for a dave strider cosplay and it worked out fine, but john has kind of crazy gravity defying hair and i can’t say i’ve ever seen a really good john egbert cosplay where they used their own hair. but ultimately these kind of things are just up to you! wigs are the safe and reliable option, but if you have enough confidence in your stylin locks/lack of money, your own hair is also an option.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Anonymous said: Hello (: My friends and I are complying the crew of the Serenity (Firefly/Serenity) and I'll be complying Kaylee Frye. I've searched all over and haven't come across the white, pagoda print, long-sleeve shirt she wears in the pilot episode. I've seen it in photographs of other Kaylee cosplays but have yet to find one myself, after weeks of looking. Any idea where I could find one?

i’m having trouble finding a reference of the shirt, but i’d try looking on, which is a site that sells custom printed fabric. someone may have already made a custom print of kaylee’s shirt. otherwise i haven’t been able to find a solid costume guide for her, probably because she changes costumes so much unlike characters in movies. if you can track down one of the kaylee cosplayers to ask them where they bought their shirt, that might be the best option available - otherwise, try finding one that looks similar even if it’s not exactly the same.

Anonymous said: I plan on cosplaying Aradia from Homestuck to a con later this year. I have long black hair (it goes to about the middle of my back). Should I still get a wig? I know a lot of people say a wig looks much nicer, but I don't really see the need to spend money if my hair already looks like hers.

cosplay is a very particular kind of costuming, one that relies very much on clean lines and overexaggerated features to create the illusion that you are a cartoon character. wearing a wig helps create that illusion. so yeah, it’s optional, but the ideal aesthetic of cosplay dictates that big, fluffy hair is better, and wigs are nearly always bigger and fluffier than your real hair. plus, it’s much easier to make sure you don’t have a bad hair day with wig fibers than with your real hair!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anonymous said: Hello! So I would really like to cosplay, but I am kind of heavy. Like, really heavy. I wear XL's and everything. I would naturally never cosplay somebody like The Condesce or Yoko, y'know. I'm just wondering whether my size will take a lot away from the cosplay.

Hey, Malice here. I know what you mean. I am a big girl myself and i am often put down by the idea of cosplaying characters because 9 times out of 10 they are very slim and i am not.  if you are worried about condesce, SHAPEWEAR(or any cosplay for that matter) will be your friend.  many many many many cosplayers wear shapewear. i wear it as well. i wear spanx and i also wear an underbust spiral steel boned corset.  i may not be super thin, but when i wear shapewear i look so much better and i feel more confident, so i think if you have shapewear condesce should be no problem. you should cosplay whatever YOU want to cosplay. i personally wouldn’t cosplay yoko because i am not confident enough with my body, but if you are then you should go for it. just remember thet there are people out there that cannot keep their mouth shut and will make a rude comment if they want to. but if cosplaying yoko is what you want to do then screw everyone else and you rock that yoko cosplay. You can also play up your body type and the character. if it’s homestuck there are AUS a plenty where there are lot’s of different outfits the cover more or less of the body. even  gurren lagann i am sure has plenty of AUS and yoko might be wearing more clothes. that is something you will have to look at and find. but there are definite ways to kind of play up your body and play up the character. 

you can get spanx here=>
these prices are reduced, the official spanx website is SO EXPENSIVE
 you can get a corset from a wholesaler like corset-story if you dont want expensive. you can also go to timeless trends for reasonable price for an outstanding product. you can find these places here=>

there should be instructions for how to measure yourself for proper sizing.  on the sites. corsets should last for a lifetime once you get yours. it will seem like an investment but to me they are totally worth it.  But, no i don’t think your size should and won’t ever take away from the cosplay. and if people say anything to you they have no idea what they are saying so pay no mind. rock that xL. and just remember, that there are plenty of ways to play up the cosplay.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Anonymous said: Hello, I want to cosplay Christian Grey. I am 16 year old, female and the convention I am going to is an Anime Convention. Will anyone be offended if I cosplay as him just because of how erotic and mature the book is? I want to do it as a joke, but also have fun and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I will be wearing the grey tie, a white linen shirt and a grey suit. Will this be a problem? Will it offend anyone?

I wouldn’t worry about anyone being offended. What I might worry about is you being harassed, especially because you’re underage. The outfit you described seems generic, but if you advertise that you’re cosplaying a character from an erotic novel, you might get people acting as if you ARE that character. At conventions, a small but frustrating group of people think it’s okay to treat cosplayers as their characters, and in situations like this, that could potentially get dangerous for you.

Basically - I think it’s okay, as long as you definitely keep it to the joking level and stick with at least a couple friends who can help pull you out of any awkward situations you get into!

trappedbehindblueeyes said: Hey! So I want to dye my hair the same color as Castiel's for a cosplay, but I don't know which shade it would be. Is it just like plain black, or a special type of black I should get?

Plain black should be fine, but I would recommend trying on some wigs of different shades if you can get your hands on them. Some shades of black look good on different people - for example, blue-black and straight black look awful on me, but a reddish black looks good.